The bank Heist

Hello me and my friend are stopping a bank heist the robbers are holding all the staff hostage and the police are outside. me and my friend called Charles. We slowly went in then we saw the robbers holding the staff hostage. Then 1 of the robbers got TNT and then thro it at the vault It Was EXPLOSIVE every thing was just silent then so when all the robbers heard the explosion they all got there duffle bags and grabbed all the money they can. and left in in there van half of the police were chasing them and we other half got the hostages and the robbers got caught.

The car crash

I am currently in my car I am now returning from the shops with my mother. When I was in the car a person crashed into our car it was TERRIFYING. becouse me as a kid in a car crash is scary all our food jump in the air people stopped there cars and called the ambulance me and my mother where injured. When the ambulance came they put us on a  Stretcher And we got in the car I had a broken arm and my mother had Fractured her wrist then a few days later we Were fine and I got a cool cast.