The bank Heist

Hello me and my friend are stopping a bank heist the robbers are holding all the staff hostage and the police are outside. me and my friend called Charles. We slowly went in then we saw the robbers holding the staff hostage. Then 1 of the robbers got TNT and then thro it at the vault It Was EXPLOSIVE every thing was just silent then so when all the robbers heard the explosion they all got there duffle bags and grabbed all the money they can. and left in in there van half of the police were chasing them and we other half got the hostages and the robbers got caught.

The car crash

I am currently in my car I am now returning from the shops with my mother. When I was in the car a person crashed into our car it was TERRIFYING. becouse me as a kid in a car crash is scary all our food jump in the air people stopped there cars and called the ambulance me and my mother where injured. When the ambulance came they put us on a  Stretcher And we got in the car I had a broken arm and my mother had Fractured her wrist then a few days later we Were fine and I got a cool cast.

I didn’t realise it could fly

I was on my to way dad’s brother’s farm. It was a long drive, but then we were hungry, so we went to McDonalds and ordered some food and ate it. We then went back in the car so we kept driving for about 2 hours then we arrived at the farm. It was amazing! There were pigs, cows, horses, ducks, geese and my favourite of all, chickens! They were all so adorable, but then I tried to catch it, I didn’t realise they could fly! They were way to fast for me to catch! Then we had dinner with my dad’s brother then we said, “bye” and left.

100 wc first day of year six

Today first day of year 6 I am so excited and I hope I make new friends and I am going to my class room now. I went in the class room and what the teacher said first was “ hello class today is the first day of year 6 I hope you enjoy it and then she said to 1 of the students whats your name” the teacher said said the orange one spoke first people call him the orange one becouse he only wore ORANGE then the teacher said nice to meet you then it was play time I was playing on the swing set it was fun.

Jerrys bicycle

Hello my name is jerry and I love riding my yellow bicycle I ride it every were is so fun. And my sister is so desperate to ride it she always says oh please can I ride please but im going to have dinner now and my whole family was there we were having dinner and then my little brother came and he gets angry all the time. We had our dinner then my little brother sat down on the chair then he greedily took the Salad aggressively and then mum warned me to get some sleep becouse I did not get much sleep last night.

But it was heavier than I expected

Hello I am shopping at the grocery shop with my mother and I could not wait becouse I really wanted there new extra chewy never loses its flavour bubble gum but my mother first said can u get the milk and the heavy bag of apples so I did. I first got the milk put it in the shopping kart then I got the bags of apples this will be easy  wait. Oh oh no it was heavier then I expected then I told my mum I could not get it it was to heavy ok I will do it said mother the end

The yellow bike tied up to the post

Hello I’m am going to school on a really Rainey day but then I saw a cute baby bird with its mother and I stopped for a look and they had rain dripping on them like ice cubes but then I got distracted I was going to be late for school and it started flooding and my bike got stuck in the water and I got hard to peddle so I had my Medals in my bag and they were made out of silk and then that’s when I got a idea I raped all my medalS around the bike to a power post and then I ran to school